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Sales Team Recruiting

Working with Acquire Direct

We take our winning culture seriously whilst we also like to have a lot of fun as we go about our work.

Hiring the right person is paramount to our success as we believe it is our people that make the difference.

Quality new hires is our business

Our recruitment teams is committed to achieving success, so we believe strongly in approaching our recruitment process with the same standards we have to quality sales & customer acquisitions.


We only hire great people

We seek out good people, because we know that good people not only get the job done, but they do it for the long run.


Available Positions

Our primary recruitment objective is to hire amazing talent that builds upon our current sales team with an overall objective to solve current business issues and drive long lasting results and achievement.


We are only looking for

A Grade Players.


Our primary recruitment objective is to build sales teams that solve current business challenges and drive lasting ongoing achievement.

Our sales recruiting team is committed to long-term success, and we believe strongly in taking a very patient, knowledgeable and diligent approach to filling sales roles within our company.

We have found this approach to yield ongoing success and long-standing relationships.

We recognise that great talent is the basis for all successful companies, and our primary recruitment objective is to build sales teams that solve current business issued and drive lasting results and achievements.


Our recruitment team utilises both traditional avenues as well as the latest in recruiting technology to share our current ongoing opportunities & to assist us in finding the A Grade Players who are looking to work with one of Australia’s leading direct sales agencies.


A carefully crafted and refined recruiting process is used to hire the very best qualified sales professionals or those capable of being trained and developed into being the best.


Once candidates are identified and pre-qualified, they go through a phone interview process or a Skype screening call as well as a sales capability skill assessment before they are invited to an in-person interview.


We focus our efforts on hiring only top-tier talent with the necessary attitudes, values, skills and background that’s required to drive sales higher & to deliver high quality customer conversions to each client campaign.


Every candidate must fit our unique selling environment if we are to meet the needs and demands of these clients.


Once the candidate makes it through the initial screening they are interviewed by the HR / Recruitment team, and at times will also be presented to our business partners and our sales managers prior to the final selection process.


We believe that we both must feel we are a fit for each other – so this allows a chance for each candidate to shine & get to know us too.


This process is completed when the entire team is satisfied that our new hire is a right fit for the team & vice versa.


Once the thumbs up has been given all new employees immediately move right through our onboarding process using some of the latest advanced interactive technologies when it comes to inducting and welcome new starts to the team.


From there they move onto the initial sales, client and product training process.


Our recruiting needs and solutions can vary depending on whether we are looking for generalised sales consultants, sales leaders or sales managers.


All team members are developed to fit the needs of the business & their ongoing career opportunities are determined by the results they produce and their commitment to their role.


We truly value this process and those who are a part of it.


It’s why people choose to stick with us for the long run.


This is why we believe completely that it is our people who make the difference.

A recruiting process focused on achieving goals and objectives:

  1. We meet with all shortlisted candidates face to face so we can really get to know them & they get to know us

  2. We work together to define clear sales initiatives, targets & KPI’s

  3. Each team member is integral to the team and delivers upon a very specific position description designed to achieve company objectives and to bring them overall job satisfaction

  4. Our winning culture is a big part of our company’s DNA we like our team members to have a blend of personal goals intertwined with their career objectives that link back to the overall objective of the company – together we all win

  5. We have developed clear & fair compensation plans that continue to attract the right talent to meet our needs –  people love going after their targets

  6. We have a clear and defined process to identify the right candidate so that both parties save on wasting time in the long run

  7. Satisfaction guaranteed – we believe that every on boarded team member will make a difference and that they will feel they came to the right place to build their career

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